NEC Aspire 0890000 IP1NA-8KSU-A1 8 Slot KSU (Refurbished)

Condition: Refurbished
Warranty: 3 Month Warranty

Sale price$50.00

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The NEC Aspire 0890000 is the 8 Slot KSU (or Key Service Unit) for the Apsire-M phone system. It serves as the main control unit and carrier for the phone system. It has a slot for the power supply (Not included) and 9 PCB slots for expansion cards. The first slot in the KSU is for the NTCPU card (not included but please look in our related items). All remaining slots are universal and can be used with any Aspire expansion cards. The KSU can be floor, wall or rack mounted. The NEC Aspire system can use VoiP to converge your voice and data network and will operate as a hybrid phone system letting you mix IP traffic and standard NEC key system traffic. Like the Aspire S, the Aspire uses peer to peer voip networking meaning that any ip stations will connect directly to each other when in use. Wall bracket not included.

Key Features:

  • Abbreviated Dialing
  • Directed Call Pickup
  • Account Codes Directory Dialing
  • Alarm Distinctive Ringing/Tones/Flash Patterns
  • Alphanumeric Display Do Not Disturb
  • Analog Communications Interface (ACI) Door Box
  • Attendant Call Queuing Dual Line Appearance
  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) Dual OPX/2-OPX
  • Automatic Route Selection E911 Compatibility
  • Background Music External Alarm Sensors
  • Barge In Fax Machine Compatibility
  • Call Coverage Flexible System Numbering
  • Call-Fowarding Forced Trunk Disconnect
  • Call Forwarding, Fixed Group Call Pickup
  • Call Forwarding, Off-Premise Group Listen
  • Call Forwarding with Follow Me Handsfree and Monitor
  • Call Forwarding/Do Not Disturb Override Handsfree Answerback/Forced Intercom
  • Call Pickup Groups Ringing
  • Call Redirect Headset Operation
  • Call Timer Hold
  • Call Waiting / Camp On Hotel/Motel
  • Callback Hotline
  • Caller ID Hotline, External
  • Central Office Calls, Answering In-Depth+
  • Central Office Calls, Placing Intercom
  • Class of Service Intercom Abandoned Call Display
  • Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) ISDN Compatibility
  • Conference Last Number Redial
  • Conference, Voice Call/Privacy Release Line Preference
  • Continued Dialing
  • Long Conversation Cut-off
  • Data Communications Loop Keys
  • Department Calling Meet Me Conference
  • Department Step Calling Meet Me Paging
  • Dial Number Preview Meet Me Paging Transfer
  • Dial Pad Confirmation Tone Memo Dial
  • Dial Tone Detection Message Waiting
  • Direct Inward Dialing (DID) Microphone Cut-off
  • Direct Inward Line (DIL) Multiple Directory No.s / Call Coverage
  • Direct Inward System Access (DISA) Music on Hold
  • Direct Station Selection (DSS) Console Name Storing
  • Networking Reverse Voice Over
  • Night Service Single Line Analog 500 / 2500 Sets
  • Off Hook Signalling Single Line Phones - Digital Soft Keys
  • One-Touch Calling Station Message Detail Recording Paging, External
  • T1 Trunking with ANI/DNIS Compatibility
  • Paging, Internal Tandem Trunking Unsupervised Conf
  • Paging, Privacy Release TAPI Compatibility
  • Park Tie Lines
  • PBX Compatibility Time and Date
  • Prime Line Selection Toll Restriction
  • Private Line Toll Restriction, Dial Block
  • Programmable Function Keys Toll Restriction Override
  • Pulse to Tone Conversion Traffic Management Report (TMS)
  • Repeat Redial Transfer
  • Ring Groups Trunk Group Routing
  • Ringdown Extension, Internal / External Trunk Groups
  • Room Monitor Trunk Queing / Camp On
  • Save Number Dialled Universal Answer
  • Secretary Call (Buzzer) Voice Mail
  • Secretary Call Pickup Voice Over
  • Selectable Display Message Voice Response System (VRS)
  • Serial Ring Tones Volume Controls
  • Serial Call Warning Tone For Long Conversation

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