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NEC 640074 GCD-VM00 Voicemail Card (Refurbished)
NEC Nitsuko 17780-2P NVM-2e 2-Ports Voice Mail System
NEC SL1100 2-Port Voicemail Expansion License (1100083)
NEC 1091011 DSX Intramail Voicemail Card (Refurbished)
NEC VMS(4)-U30 4-Port 180 Hour Voice Mail (Refurbished)
NEC DS2000 80065 Voicemail Card (Refurbished)
NEC Aspire S Basic KSU with Voicemail (Refurbished)
NEC Aspire IP1NA-8VMSU-A1 Hard Drive Voicemail (Refurbished)
NEC Aspire IP1NA-4DMSU-A1 Hard Drive Voicemail (Refurbished)
NEC Aspire IP1NA-4VMSU-A1 Hard Drive Voicemail (Refurbished)
NEC SL1100 1100113 CF 4 Ports/40 Hours Voice Mail
NEC SL1100 1100112 CF 2 Ports/15 Hours Voice Mail
NEC Nec Electra Elite IAD(8)-U10 (Refurbished)
NEC Electra Elite 750567 4-Port Voicemail Card (Refurbished)
NEC 750496 ElectraMail CTI 8-Port (Refurbished)
NEC ElectraMail CTI 4-Port (Refurbished)
NEC EliteMail Limited 2 to 4 Port Upgrade Kit
NEC ElectraMail CTI 8-Port (Refurbished)
NEC ActiveFax with 1 Fax Port
NEC NEC ActiveFax with 1 Fax Port
Sale price$2,975.00
NEC Elite IPK II DSP-U30 LX 4 Port Expansion Board
Sale price$319.00
NEC USB Tappi Interface
NEC NEC USB Tappi Interface
Sale price$329.00
NEC Modem Unit For VMS (4/8)-U10 ETU (Refurbished)
NEC Elite Voicemail VMS Manual
NEC ESIB(8)-U20 Digital Station Card

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