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C2G 38001 4.5 inch Flush Wire Cutter
Fluke Networks MT-8202-05 Carrying Pouch
StarTech CTKRPR 23-Piece Cell Phone Repair Kit
C2G 38014 16-Piece Jeweler Screwdriver Set
C2G 33100 Keystone Punchdown Puck
C2G 19579 RJ11/RJ45 Crimping Tool with Cable Stripper
C2G 27372 Workstation Repair Tool Kit
Fluke Networks D-Snips
ICC ICRDSAV01C RG 6 F-Type Connector 100-Pack
Fluke 10061-501 D914S Impact Tool
Fluke 10056-000 66 Punch Blade for D914 & D814
ICC 110 & 66 Single Blade Punch Down Tool
ICC 110 Single Replacement Blade
ICC IC107SAPWH 3.5mm Stereo Audio Module (White)
Harris 44007-000 Can Wrench Hex Head
Ideal 46-202 "Heat Elite" Heat Gun
Fluke 10061-000 D914S Impact Tool
Fluke 11293-000 IS60 Pro-Tool Kit Deluxe
Fluke 11291-000 IS40 Pro-Tool Kit
Ideal 33-505 Technicians Service Kit
Ideal 45-165 UTP/STP Data Cable Stripper
Fluke 11292-000 IS50 Pro-Tool Kit
Fluke 44400-000 Cable Splicing Knife
Fluke 44007-000 Can Wrench Hex Head
Fluke 44500-000 Electrician's Snips
Fluke 11212-530 Modular Crimper
Ideal 35-598 Adjustable Can Light Hole Saw
Fluke 44600-000 Probe Pic 105 Degree Angle

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