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Choose Our WIN Walker Desis And Plastic Overlays For Your Phones

WIN Walker Desis and Plastic Overlays work together to prevent surface damage to the telephone keys and main transfer line keys. WIN Walker Desis are the way to go for fast and efficient call operations in your office. Desis help label and organize your business phone making it look neat and professional.

WIN Walker Plastic Overlays work with your WIN Walker Desis to offer complete protection from dirt or debris that can cause damage to your business phones. The Plastic Overlays are flexible and are easy to replace and set over your telephones main key lines. Together, these accessories will provide your business telephone with optimal protection from daily usage while helping with line organization and productivity in busy office environments.

Protect your WIN Walker phones with our WIN Walker Plastic Overlays and Desis. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.