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Our TIE/Nitsuko Desi Labels & Plastic Overlays Keep Your Phones Looking New

TIE/Nitsuko Desi Phone Labels & Plastic Overlays are practical and efficient ways to boost the appearance and longevity of your business phone. TIE/Nitsuko Desis help organize your telephone's main command keys. This will help telephone operators in busy call environments by improving call functions and accurate transferability.

TIE/Niksuko Plastic Overlays help seal the deal by offering a layer of protection to the TIE/Nitsuko Desi Phone Labels. The plastic overlays are easy to replace and use right away. They are sold in packs of ten and are the telephone accessories your business phone requires to prevent surface damage to labels from daily wear and use.

Shop our selection of TIE/Nitsuko desis and TIE/Nitsuko overlays for your phones.