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Our Tadiran Desi And Plastic Overlays Keep Your Phones Looking New

Telephones can last a long time. However, they may begin to look weathered and used over time. Daily wear and tear may begin to show, breaking down the fresh new look your telephones once had. To preserve an orderly appearance, start with your labels and plastic overlays. By replacing these periodically or as needed, your telephones will look newer longer. For your Tadiran Telecom phones, shop with us. We have an excellent selection of Tadiran desis and plastic overlays for different telephone models.

Our Tadiran desis help to keep your system organized. Avoid confusion by labeling your buttons with our stock of desis for your Tadiran Telecom phones. Purchase them in convenient packs of 10 or 25.

Protect your labels with our Tadiran plastic overlays. Overtime, these plastic overlays may become dirty, begin to crack, or even change color. Start fresh with a new pack of 10 or 25 plastic overlays for your systems.

Find the perfect Tadiran plastic overlays and desis for your Tadiran Telecom phones. For assistance or questions, please feel free to contact us.