Mediatrix M5BOSS 2600 Convergence 150 Users

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Comprehensive Real-time Communication Solution

The Internet is rapidly expanding, becoming increasingly content-rich and business-critical. The services offered will continue to grow both in terms of variety and quality, improving the ability to address new convergence scenarios derived by the combined usage of voice, text and video content and the integration of voice and data networks. Current data network platforms present severe limitations since they have not been specifically designed to satisfy the new requirements of convergence applications and services. This problem is further compounded when trying to bring such applications to remote branch offices, retail outlets, or even to broadband telecommuters. In that situation, a powerful real-time communications capable security, routing and session border controller solution is required in the branch office.

SIP Enabled

The Media5Boss-Convergence solutions are fully RFC 3261 compliant SIP Proxy. Registrar as well as B2BUA. As such, they can act in conjunction with a SIP PBX to provide Voice Routing, Survivability, Call Admission control, ENUM Lookup, Call Prioritization, Transcoding, as well as other features.

Enterprise Class Network Security Solution

The Media5Boss-Convergence solutions offer a state-of-the-art firewall with Layer 7 Traffic classification as well as VPN functionality. The Convergence solutions use encrypted voice signaling and management protocols. With two LANs and one DMZ interface, there is also the possibility to configure different security zones even on the LAN side. Contrary to many other branch office solutions, the Media5Boss-Convergence solutions can also act as a Session Border Controller for voice scenarios thus controlling real-time traffic flows in and out of the branch office. This makes it the first single box branch connectivity solution for VoIP Enterprise or VoIP Centrex scenarios.

Key Features:

  • Firewall: Stateful inspection Firewall, NAT/PAT
  • Configurable port forwarding (DNAT)
  • Intrusion detection
  • All standard protocols supported: DNS, FTP, SSH, TELNET, POP3, SMTP, HTTPS, HTTP, NTP, Ping, SNMP
  • Application-aware inspection engines securing protocols such as SIP, H.323, FTP
  • Application-aware rule definitions for more than 50 protocols, as for example SIP, RTP, HTTP, FTP, eDonkey, AIM, IRC, SMTP, RDP
  • Strict TCP Validation to ensure TCP session state enforcement, validation of sequence and acknowledgement numbers, rejection of bad TCP flag combinations
  • Protection against ping of death, land attack, tear drop, Syn Flood, ICMP flood, UDP flood, IP spoofing, IP address sweep attack, Win Nuke
  • TCP reassembly for fragmented packet protection
  • Malformed packet protection
  • Protocol anomaly protection
  • Stateful protocol signatures
  • Routing: OSPF/BGP dynamic routing, RIPv2, Static routes, Source-based routing, GRE Tunneling, VRRP Support
  • VPN: IPSec, OpenVPN (TLS-based VPN), Unlimited number of VPN tunnels, L2TP over IPSec, Point-to-Point VPN or Roadwarrior configurations possible, VPN connections from 2nd LAN interface supported (e.g. Access Point connected to second LAN)
  • Encryption: AES (up to 256 Bits), 3DES (168 Bits), IDEA (128 Bits), Blowfish, variable key length
  • Authentication: X.509 digital Certificates (RSA), Shared Secrets, HMAC-MD5, HMAC-SHA-1
  • Perfect forward secrecy
  • Secure Ethernet bridging, real-time adaptive link compression (with OpenVPN)
  • NAT for VPN subnets
  • Voice Features: SIP Proxy Server (RFC 3261), SIP Registrar, SIP Redirect Server, SIP TLS, B2BUA with Transcoding, SIP Session aware RTP Proxy for VoIP NAT support, Voice over VPN, Voice NAT, Branch Survivability, Call Admission Control based on available Bandwidth, Emergency Call Prioritization, ENUM, Forced Media Routing, Accounting
  • Management: WebUI, SSH, Local Serial Console
  • Admin Tools on Appliance: tcp dump (traffic dumper), nmap (port scanner), hping (advanced ping), netcat (general TCP&UDP utility)
  • QoS / Traffic Control: Classification by Physical Port, Virtual Firewall Rule, Session, L7 protocol, Bandwidth Guarantees, Bandwidth Limits, Many Queuing disciplines, e.g. Token Bucket, Stochastic Fairness Queuing, CBQ, IMQ, CSZ, Diffserv mark, RED, WRR

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