D-Link DPE-SP110 Outdoor PoE Lightning Protector (New)

Condition: New
Warranty: 1 Month Warranty

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Any type of sudden electrical surge can damage electronic equipment beyond practical repair. The DPE-SP110 Outdoor PoE Ethernet Surge Protector helps protect your network equipment from damage caused by lightning or other static buildup. In the event of an electricity surge, the DPE-SP110 will cut off or divert all the excess electricity while continuing to let through the amount of power necessary for your equipment to work as normal. This surge protector is water-resistant, making it ideal for installation in outdoor environments.

High Surge Capability
The DPE-SP110 is built around a durable design featuring a higher surge capability and lower clamping voltage. The 10 kA impulse discharge current helps ensure reliable surge protection, while the lower clamping voltage means the unit will activate faster by triggering at a lower voltage threshold. The DPE-SP110 is also IEC 61643-21-compliant, meaning it automatically covers all other existing international standards such as the ITU-T K-Series and IEC 61000-4-5.

High Speed PoE Connectivity
The DPE-SP110 can function as a transmitter for a PoE switch to deliver power and data through an Ethernet cable. This device helps protect all 8 pins and is compatible with all types of RJ45 cables. The DPE-SP110 can handle data rates of up to 1000 Mbps, and is backwards compatible with older 10/100 Mbps ports, while also providing support for both PoE and PoE+ standards.


Line In Port (Line IN)
1 x RJ45 port (power + data in)
Compatible with 10/100/1000Base-T
PoE Passthrough
Line Out Port (Device)
1 x RJ45 port (power + data out)
Compatible with 10/100/1000Base-T
PoE Passthrough

Maximum Discharge Current: 10 kA
Common Mode (Line-to-Ground) Protection:
20 kV (10/700 us)
10 kA (8/20 us)
Differential Mode (Line-to-Line) Protection:
6 kV (10/700 us)
1 kA (8/20 us)
Clamping Voltage (Line-to-Ground): 600 V at 10 kA
Clamping Voltage (Line-to-Line): 20 V at 1 kA
Surge Protection Response Time: 5 ns
Ethernet PoE/Data Line:
Protects 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet ports
Protects all RJ45 8-pin assignments
Protects all four pairs of all types of Ethernet cables including Cat 5, Cat 5E, and Cat 6
PoE Passthrough:
Supports IEEE 802.3af/at
Supports up to 35 W PoE Passthrough

Maximum PoE Operation DC Voltage: 57 V DC
Maximum PoE Operation DC Current: 0.6 A
Operation Temperature: -10 to 60 oC (-14 to 140 oF)
Storage Temperature: -20 to 65 oC (-4 to 149 oF)
Humidity: 0 to 95%, non-condensing
IP66 water-resistant enclosure
Ground Cable:
AWG 12-type cable
10-32 stud with wire clamp
Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF): 528,513 hours
IEC 61643-21 (10 kA)
IEC 61000-4-5
ITU-T K-Series
RoHS 6

Item Dimension (L"xW"xH")
8 x 5 x 2

1 lb

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