Batman: Arkham City for Xbox 360

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Batman: Arkham Cityis an action video game that is one of the highest rated video games released in 2011. One year after Arkham Asylum, the events in Arkham City unfold. Now that Quincy Sharp has deceptively become the mayor of Gotham City, he has taken into custody the most dangerous goons & villains of Gotham's time throwing them into sectioned off parts of the slums of Gotham called Arkham City.

Arkham City is an open air prison created by Sharp for Gotham's worst criminals to run-a-muck freely in with only one rule- not to escape. Sharp's plans are for the criminals to destroy themselves in their own chaos. Sharp also sends any of his opponents of his policies including people with the slightest criminal records & reporters to Arkham City as well, get in his way and get sent out! Sharp is partnered up with genius psychiatrist Hugo Strange who is secretly manipulating Sharp so his own agenda can be played out. Batman is captured by Hugo Strange's Tyger Security  & thrown in Arkham City amidst all the villains of Gotham.

Batman, never shaken, pursues Penguin & somehow finds Joker fully healed. The villains, the goons & Batman will have to battle it out for their lives. Catwoman & politics play into feature as well, play to see the action, play if you dare!

Batman: Arkham City Features:

  • 4 Additional Gadgets Revealed:
    Smoke Pellets- confuse armed enemies when spotted by them
    Remote Electrical Charge (a sniper-like taser gun )- power generators and shock enemies
    Ice Grenades- freeze enemies & make pathways through water
    Balled Rope- tie up enemies
  • Full range of classic enemies
  • Catwoman Features
  • Fantastic Storyline
  • Awesome graphics
  • Open world action video game

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