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New Panasonic Desi & Plastic Overlays Keep Your Phones Looking Good

Over time, your phone's appearance may begin to look weathered. Depending on your environment and normal wear and tear, some phones may age faster than others. A way to keep your phones looking fresh and new is to replace the desi labels and plastic overlays. If you have Panasonic telephones, shop our stock of Panasonic desis and Panasonic plastic overlays.

Have you recently moved offices or reprogrammed your phone? You may have to relabel your buttons. Choose from our wide collection of Panasonic desis to find the right one for your phones.

Is your plastic overlay beginning to turn yellow or crack? Replace it with our Panasonic plastic overlays. We carry a great selection for different phone models for affordable prices.

Can't find the appropriate designs? Feel free to contact us and we will help you find the right Panasonic desis and Panasonic plastic overlays for you.