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Easily route your calls with the proper telephone equipment. Utilize switches and routers to organize and manage your phone system and network. Looking for affordable equipment for your office? Shop our selection of Multi-Link fax switches and call routers.

Multi-Link has spent years producing quality telecommunications equipment for users. Their dedication to developing products that keep up with advancing technologies has proved successful, as they continue to thrive in the market. Bring a bit of their magic into your office by choosing our Multi-Link call routers and fax switches.

Our Multi-Link fax switches provide a multitude of benefits for your office. Enjoy features such as flexible programming and adaptability from these telephone line sharing devices.

With our Multi-Link ring call routers, calls are automatically directed for quick and improved customer service and communications. Use our stock to increase efficiency within the office.

Compact, yet feature-rich and functional, our Multi-Link fax switches and call routers will be a great addition to your business.

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