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Digium 1SWXPSUB1 Switchvox 1-User Platinum Subscription
Digium 1SWXSMB00DVD Switchvox SMB DVD with Reg Code
Digium 1SWXSMB00DL Switchvox SMB Software Download
Digium Asterisk Fax License (816-00003)
Digium Asterisk HPEC License (8HPECLIC)
Digium Asterisk G.729 Codec License (8G729CODEC)
Digium TE420 Digital Card (Open Box)
Digium TE220 Digital Card (Open Box)
Digium T1 Timing Cable
Digium Digium T1 Timing Cable
Sale price$25.99
Digium 2U Bracket for TC400 Transcoding Cards
Digium TE412P Digital Card
Digium Digium TE412P Digital Card
Sale price$2,375.00
Digium X400M Analog Module
Digium X100M Analog Module
Digium S400M Analog Module
Digium S110M Analog Module
Digium AEX2400 Analog Card and VPMADT032 Bundle

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