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Inter-Tel Premier 826.3098 PCB Card (Refurbished)
Inter-Tel 550.2810 AIC PCI Board Card (Refurbished)
Inter-tel Axxess 813.1519 DSS TO DSS Interface Cable
Intertel Axxent 520.0007 System Cabinet (Refurbished)
Intertel GLX Electret Replacement Handset (Ash)
Inter-tel Axxess 815.1026 CPC Replacement Battery
Intertel 662.0810 Large Power Supply (Refurbished)
Intertel INT4000 Replacement Battery
Intertel 618.5000 Encore CX 0X8 Compact System KSU
Intertel 550.9025 512 CPU/PCM-F Card (Refurbished)
Inter-tel 618.5115 Model 1250 Phone (Charcoal)
Intertel Eclipse 560.3018 PCPDM Board (Refurbished)
Inter-Tel SL+3 Plastic, 25-Pack
Inter-Tel SL+3 Plastic, 10-Pack

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