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Successful VoIP Deployment

Switching to VoIP is a big commitment. Successful implementation of a VoIP phone system can lead to increased productivity and success for businesses. However, if not implemented properly, it can become a stressful and costly mess. Follow these steps to properly deploy your VoIP phone system. Plan Create a strong VoIP plan by starting with […]

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Are You Considering Switching To VoIP?

Transitioning to a VoIP phone system is not as bad as it may seem. With proper research and informed decisions, you could end up with your ideal VoIP system. You will want to consider these things before you make any decisions. VoIP Features For a smooth transition, VoIP phones usually maintain the familiar look and […]

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Facebook Messenger Adds VoIP Video Calls

Facebook is known for making big announcements or rolling out new features often. This week, the big news is that video calling is now being offered through the Messenger app. These VoIP video calls can be made over cellular or Wi-Fi connections on iOS and Android in 18 regions, with more to come over time. […]

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VoIP Telephony Popularity

Communication is essential. There’s a reason we still utilize phones, whether mobile or landlines. Phones enable us to remain connected and available for various reasons. Each business uses its phone system differently, from strictly mobile businesses with employees on the go, to businesses operating solely from a main office. Whatever the use, it’s clear that […]

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Should You Let Someone Else Manage Your Phone System?

We’ve likely said this before, and will likely say it again, but a phone system plays a significant role in the success of a business. Whether small or large scale, analog, digital, or IP, a strong telecommunication system can make or break a company. Starting a small business with an on-site business phone system is […]

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Benefits Of Upgrading To A VoIP Phone System

So you’ve had your phone system for years. Sure, you’ve had your ups and downs, but you’re so accustomed to it and you’ve invested the time and money to maintain it, it feels pointless to upgrade. You could be doing yourself and your business a disservice. Change is hard, but it can be good for […]

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Transitioning From POTS to VoIP Phone Systems

It’s no surprise that slowly, but surely, landlines are being phased out. How many of you still use a landline at your home or business? With the introduction of VoIP phone systems, plain old telephone service (POTS) is diminishing, but will it ever go away completely? If major phone companies have any say, then the […]

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Analog Phones Vs. IP Phones

There are many things to consider when purchasing a phone system. This can include cost, features, expansion capabilities and more. One of the main components is deciding between analog phones or IP (Internet Protocol) phones. Depending on your business’s needs and budget, one may be better suited for you than the other. Analog phones are […]

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