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How To Change The Date & Time On The Vodavi Starplus STS Phone

By now, we all have had time to adjust to the commencement of Daylight Saving Time, but have your desk phones? If you have the Vodavi Starplus STS phone and need to change the date or time, follow these steps. In order to change the date and time on the Vodavi Starplus STS, you will […]

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How To Program & Use Speed Dial On The Vodavi Starplus STS 3515 Phone

  If you have people that you contact frequently over the phone, speed dials can be very convenient. They offer a more efficient way of dialing commonly used phone numbers. Learn how to program and use the speed dials on the Vodavi Starplus STS 3515 phone by following these steps. Please note that a keyset […]

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How To Set The Background Music On The Vodavi Starplus STS SP-3515-71 Phone

    Want to learn how to set the background music on your Vodavi Starpls STS SP-3515 phone? Let us help you! Follow these simple steps and your background music will be set in no time. To activate the background music on your phone, dial 632 or, if your phone has it, press the preprogrammed […]

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New Vs. Refurbished Equipment

We often are asked, what is the difference between new and refurbished telephone equipment? How reliable is the “refurbished” or “like new” as opposed to the new phones and phone systems? At we take great strides to make sure that our refurbished equipment meets the standards our customers have come to expect from us. […]

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Web Site Upgrades!

It is our goal at to provide our customers with the best possible experience when dealing with us. Therefore, we are constantly trying to come up with ways to improve so that we may be more efficient and Customer friendly.  Recently, we have made a few changes to our website. Customers are now able […]

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