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Protect Yourself From Phone Scams

Have you noticed an increase in the volume of spam calls you receive? Sadly, you are not alone. According to a study of over 1,000 Americans conducted by telecom service company First Orion, in the past six months, about 95% of people say they have gottenĀ  call from a telemarketer (it was 84% in 2015). […]

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The 911 Emergency System

Believe it or not, 9-1-1 was not designated as the “Universal Emergency Number” until 1968. Before this, people would call random places for emergency services. As you can imagine, this was often chaotic and not every emergency was being tended to properly. Considering all the cities and towns that make up the United States, getting […]

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The Future Of Telecom

In case you missed it, a couple of weeks ago the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) made two votes that could impact our mobile and landline networks. First, the FCC voted to open up high-frequency spectrum enabling the creation of faster 5G networks. The second vote allows carriers to turn off landline phone networks with the […]

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Benefits Of Mobile Apps For Small Business

Most businesses understand the importance of being mobile. In addition to creating a mobile friendly website, businesses must keep up with on-the-go customers and be sure that accessibility works both ways. Here’s how mobile applications can help your small business reach this goal. Geo-targeting Using geo-location technology within your mobile application allows you to save […]

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Is Your Cell Phone Use Problematic?

When you look around these days, you are likely to see people with their eyes glued to their devices. The time we spend with our smart phones and devices seems to be increasing, even with children. While most of us will admit that we spend copious amounts of time on our phones, do you think […]

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