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Aastra M8009 Phone: Memory Keys

The Aastra M8009 phone provides six memory keys to save frequently called numbers (such as phone numbers for customers or business associates) or feature codes for telephone services. To save a telephone number or feature code in memory: Lift the receiver and wait for a dial tone (the tone will continue while you save). Press […]

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Accessing Voicemail On The Aastra 6731i IP Phone

The¬†Aastra 6731i IP phone offers advanced features, including 10 fixed feature keys, HD wideband audio and full duplex speakerphone and integrated headset jack. Boasting a practical design and affordable price, you should consider upgrading to this excellent phone. One of the most important features of this phone is the Aastra voicemail. Voicemail allows callers to […]

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How To Avoid Missing A Call On The Aastra M6320 Phone

  A missed call can be a missed opportunity. You can improve your customer service and communication skills by learning how to use call forwarding, call waiting, and manage your messages. If you have an Aastra M6320 phone, follow these steps to avoid missing calls. Call Forwarding allows you to redirect your calls to another […]

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Aastra Phone Manual: How To Use The System Speed Dials On The Aastra 390 Phone

  The Aastra PowerTouch 390 phone boasts excellent features and functions and is ideal for most office settings. One of the most convenient features is the system speed dials. To learn how to use the system speed dials, follow along with these simple steps. Before we begin, the system speed dials are programmed by your […]

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