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February, 2016

Nortel Phone Manual: How To Find Your Extension Number On Your Nortel T7316 Phone

  Your extension number identifies your telephone within your business phone system. Coworkers can dial your extension number to reach you directly, and it can be useful for potential customers to get in contact with you. If you are unsure of your extension number, there is an easy way to check it on the Nortel […]

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Telecom Networks

Thanks to new gadgets and the Internet of Things, telecom networks are forced to handle more while still maintaining efficient speed and quality. Luckily, we have software defined networking (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV). When it comes to networking, SDN separates the control and data planes, while NFV virtualizes network functions into swappable building […]

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How To Use The Universal Night Answer Function On The Vertical Vodavi 8012 Phone

  Do you own the Vertical Vodavi 8012 phone? Do you know how to use the Universal Night Answer (UNA) function? Learn how with these simple steps. To use the Universal Night Answer function, your line must be programmed as an UNA line. Please check with your System Administrator for more information and to determine […]

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How To Set & Cancel Call Forwarding On The Iwatsu ADIX IX-12KTD-2 Phone

  Call forwarding can be very helpful when you are busy or away from your desk. Call forwarding allows you to redirect your incoming calls to an internal destination or an external line. You can have your colleagues take calls for you when you’re busy, or you may conduct your business calls on your mobile […]

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Top Bluetooth Headsets

If you are always on the phone and need a reliable and comfortable option for going handsfree, a Bluetooth headset is a smart option. The tested 12 Bluetooth headsets based on sound quality, battery life, Bluetooth range, and overall comfort. Based on the ratings, they were able to determine which headset would be best […]

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How To Avoid Missing A Call On The Aastra M6320 Phone

  A missed call can be a missed opportunity. You can improve your customer service and communication skills by learning how to use call forwarding, call waiting, and manage your messages. If you have an Aastra M6320 phone, follow these steps to avoid missing calls. Call Forwarding allows you to redirect your calls to another […]

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Growing Trends For Small Businesses

A recent Salesforce Research report identified growing trends for small businesses. While these trends are more common amongst bigger businesses, it seems small businesses are learning to adopt these practices for their advantage. Discover which technologies are improving small businesses. Mobility Businesses, whether large or small, are realizing that going mobile offers a multitude of […]

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