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January, 2016

Nortel Networks Phone Manual: How To Use The Mute Feature On The Norstar T7316E Phone

  When you mute a call, the caller will no longer be able to hear you, but you can still hear them. The Mute feature on your phone can be very helpful in different situations. Noisy office? On a conference call? Quickly use the mute to quietly participate and avoid distracting others with background noise. […]

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The Future Of Business Communication

The way we communicate is ever-changing. We have seen our telephones transform many times over the years, from landlines to pay phones to mobile phones to smart phones. For businesses, the desk phone is no longer the only means of connecting with customers and colleagues alike. Thanks to advancements in technology, we have things like […]

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Build A Solid Communication Architecture

In any company or business, communication is an important pillar that bears weight on nearly every aspect of business. Whether it is communication among colleagues or with customers or partners, the way we converse and convey ideas is ever important. When it comes to decision making, there is a constant battle between speed and quality. […]

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Aastra Phone Manual: How To Use The System Speed Dials On The Aastra 390 Phone

  The Aastra PowerTouch 390 phone boasts excellent features and functions and is ideal for most office settings. One of the most convenient features is the system speed dials. To learn how to use the system speed dials, follow along with these simple steps. Before we begin, the system speed dials are programmed by your […]

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What Is WebRTC & What Do We Need To Know

When it comes to communication, the phone has been the easiest way to get in contact with each other. As our phones get smarter, we not only have the ability to call people, but we can also communicate through text, email, and even social media. The newest player in the game is WebRTC, which may […]

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Nortel Phone Manual: How To Use The Do Not Disturb Function On The Nortel T7316 Phone

  When you find yourself busy on another call, in a meeting, or away from your desk, the Do Not Disturb feature on your Nortel T7316 phone can be helpful. Do Not Disturb prevents calls from ringing at your telephone. Learn how to use this function on your Nortel phone by following these simple steps. […]

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How To Forward Calls On The Aastra 6757i Phone

  For businesses, call forwarding helps to improve customer service. When a line is busy or there is no answer after a certain number of rings, the call is then forwarded to another line. This enables customers to be rerouted to the next available representative as soon as possible. Call forwarding also works with outside […]

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Improve Your Business With Proper Phone Etiquette

We have always stressed the importance of a reliable phone system for all businesses, whether small or large. However, your role in the phone conversation is just as important. The tone of your voice and the way you converse with your callers can speak volumes about your business overall. The proper phone etiquette can help […]

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