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February, 2015

Polycom Soundstation 2 Phones – Quality Conference Phones

With decades of experience and innovation under their belt, Polycom has proved to be an excellent telecom brand. Started in 1990 with the determination to transform the speakerphone into a valuable business tool, Polycom now provides video and voice solutions for countless businesses. The popular Polycom Soundstation 2 line is comprised of analog conference phones […]

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User Friendly Automated Phone Systems

Automated phone systems – is there anything more frustrating? As much as we despise it, this technology isn’t going away. Also known as “interactive voice response” or IVR, waiting for menu options, inputting the same information, and the persistent misunderstanding of voice recognition begs for a new and improved solution. Since most of us are […]

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Chocolate Is The Best Valentine

Valentine’s Day is this weekend. It seems like just yesterday we were ringing in the New Year – Where did the time go? With Valentine’s Day comes plenty of expectations. There’s so much pressure for couples to plan the perfect date night filled with romantic gestures and a day filled with love. And if you’re […]

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Why Landlines Should Make A Comeback

By now, it’s likely that most of us have abandoned the landline and have gone strictly mobile. Let’s face it, smart phones are easy to use and transport, and do much more for you than your landline could. They’re like mini, portable computers, giving us everything we think we need at our fingertips. However, there […]

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