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January, 2014

Yealink Phones & Accessories

Our stock of IP phones just got richer – we’ve recently updated our inventory of Yealink phones and accessories. Yealink is a leader in IP communications, providing great quality and functionality in all of their products. Yealink has a large family of VoIP products including IP phones, IP video phones, and USB phones. These phones […]


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On-Hold Plus 8000 Music on Hold Unit

Most people dislike waiting, and long wait times can stir up anger and frustration. Music is believed to have a calming effect. Music on hold allows you to provide your callers with pleasant music while they wait, so instead of becoming irritated, callers will be soothed or even distracted by the music. With the On-Hold […]

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Phone Systems With Video

Remember when we all thought video phones would be the communication of the future? They were about as cool and idealistic as flying cars. While the dream of video phones eventually came to fruition, the actual products did not live up to the hype. AT&T made a valiant effort to get video phones to catch […]


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Analog Phones Vs. IP Phones

There are many things to consider when purchasing a phone system. This can include cost, features, expansion capabilities and more. One of the main components is deciding between analog phones or IP (Internet Protocol) phones. Depending on your business’s needs and budget, one may be better suited for you than the other. Analog phones are […]

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