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AudioCodes Mediant 3000 VoIP Gateway - 1xT3 Span

AudioCodes Mediant 3000 VoIP Gateway - 1xT3 Span

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Product Code: ADC1XTS


Key Features:

  • 1x T3 Span
  • Supports SW upgrade up to 3x T3
  • Redundant chassis components
  • 1 TP-6310 board
  • 1 RTM for TP-6310 active board
  • T3 and Electrical GbE connectors
  • 1 System Alarm board including LBR vocoders and SIP to SIP call routing and mediation
  • Low to mid-density VoIP gateway offering scaling from 480 to 2016 channels
  • Supports high availability configuration with reliable 1+1 redundancy
  • Compact footprint (2U), ideal for small locations
  • Allows easy capacity upgrades via a software key
  • Provides multi-control protocol support: SIP, H.248, MGCP and TGCP Offers broad range of PSTN interfaces including E1, T1, T3, OC3 and STM-1
  • Enables flexible interworking between IP - TDM and IP - IP
  • Supplies a wide range of vocoders which include Low Bit Rate (LBR), wireline, cellular and wideband vocoders
  • No capacity hit on most of the LBR vocoders (e.g., G.729, G.723 and AMR)
  • Functions as an IMS Media Gateway and I-BGF network elements
  • Capacity: Up to 2,016 channels in simplex or redundant configuration Voice Coders: High Definition Voice Codecs: G.722, G.722.2 (Wideband AMR), G.729.1,(Wideband G.729). Wireline: G.711, G.7221, G.723.1, G.726/7, G.729A/B, EG.711, MS GSM, iLBC1. GSM/UMTS: GSM-FR, GSM EFR, AMR, AMR-WB. CDMA: EVRC, EVRC-B. Independent dynamic vocoder selection per channel (within each group). Not all coders can be used simultaneously
  • Echo Cancellation: G.165 and G.168-2002 compliant, with 32, 64 or 128 ms tail length
  • Fax and Modem Transport: Fax/Modem Detection Control, T.38 (IP) compliant Group 3 & SG3 fallback to T.30, fax and modem bypass (automatic fallback to G.711) support
  • DTMF/MF: IP-side or PSTN-side detection and generation, RFC 2833 compliant DTMF relay
  • Detection and Generation of Call Progress tones
  • Quality Enhancement: VAD, CNG, dynamic programmable jitter buffer, 802.1p/Q VLAN tagging, DiffServ
  • PSTN Access: E1 ISDN: EuroISDN, QSIG, Australia, Hong Kong (HKT), Korea, New Zealand, INS-1500 (Japan), VN3, VN4, VN6 (France); T1 ISDN: NI2, 4ESS, 5ESS, DMS100; E1 CAS: MFC-R2 (multiple variants), MELCAS; T1 CAS: E&M, GroundStart, LoopStart; V5.2; IUA
  • PSTN Trunking: SS7/Sigtran: M3UA, M2UA, Redundancy (1+1), SS7 Tunneling
  • IP Transport: IETF RFC 3550, RFC 3551 RTP/IP Transport, TCP, UDP, RFC3267, RFC 3558 RTP/UDP/IP, Nb-IP (TS 29.415)
  • Control Protocols: MGCP (RFC 3435), TGCP (PacketCable), MEGACO (H.248, RFC 3015), SIP (RFC 3261). IMS Mn - TS 29.332, IMS Mc (TS 29.232)
  • Security: IPSEC, SIP/TLS, HTTPS, SRTP and AES. Separation of OAM, Control and Media traffic is possible by using either different IP interfaces (available only on T1/E1 configuration) or VLANs
  • SIP IP - IP Mediation (Available on non High Availability configuration)
  • SIP - SIP Normalization, Network Topology Hiding, Transcoding and Conversion, Signaling Translation, Multiple Service Provider Connectivity and Load Balancing, Redundancy between Servers/Softswitch, Survivability (SAS) (Future release)
  • Management: Element Management System, SNMPv2, SNMPv3, CLI, WEB (Available on non High Availability configuration)
  • Maintainability: All shelf modules are hot swappable, including boards, power supplies, fans, and power entry modules
  • Redundancy Scheme: Power supply, fans: N+1 load shared. Media gateway blades (including PSTN interfaces): 1+1. Optical interfaces (PSTN): 1+1, APS protected
  • Interfaces: PSTN: 1 OC-3 or STM-1 APS optical links, 1 to 3 T3 (DS3) electrical links, up to 63/84 E1/T1 links. IP: Dual Redundant 100/1000 Base-T Ethernet ports and additional two Dual Redundant 100 Base-T Ethernet ports for OEM and Control (Available on the E1/T1 configuration only) Clock Synchronization: BITS/SETS (GR-1244 Stratum-3 and G.813 compliant), line synchronization (via STM-1/OC-3 link or DS1 trunk)
  • Enclosure: 4-slot, 2U cPCI chassis
  • Dimensions: (HxWxD) 88 mm x 482.6 mm x 296.8 mm
  • Weight: Approx. 35.27 lbs. (16 kgs.), fully loaded
  • Mounting: Per EIA Standard RS-310-C in 19-inch rack specification
  • Power: 48 V DC Dual Feed, with up to 2 DC. Power modules, 100�240 V AC redundant Dual Feed (Future release)
  • Cooling: Replaceable fan tray & filter
  • Compliance Telecommunication Standards: FCC part 68, TBR4 and TBR13
  • Safety and EMC Standards: UL60950 FCC part 15 Class A CE Mark (EN55022 Class A, EN60950, EN55024, EN300 386)
  • Environmental: NEBS Level 3: GR-63-Core, GR-1089-Core, Type 1 & 3, ETS300 019

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