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Altigen products are known for their excellence in quality and performance. Altigen phones deliver great reliability and ease of use, simply adding to the appeal of their attractive designs. Functional, affordable, and loaded with exceptional features, Altigen phones have it all.

Want to upgrade or expand your office communications? Choose our cost-effective, refurbished Altigen phones. These sleek display phones possess convenient features, making them the perfect addition to your business office.

With smart designs and functions, our Altigen phones are an obvious choice. Find helpful features including speakerphone, caller ID, and One Touch Access when you shop our selection.

Thanks to our strict quality control, you will always get our equipment in the best condition possible. Our refurbished Altigen phones are no exception. Our refurbished products undergo rigorous cleaning and testing before they reach you. Your satisfaction with our products and services is important to us, which is why we go through such stringent measures.

Use our drop down menu to sort through our products easily and seamlessly. You can list our Altigen phones by price, alphabetical order, or availability.

Make the right choice with our Altigen phones. Can't find the phones you need? Give us a call and we'll gladly help you find them.