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Refresh Your Phones With Allworx Desi & Plastic Overlays

Telephones can last a long time, however, they may begin to wear their age on their sleeve. To prevent your telephones from looking old and dingy, replace parts as necessary.

Do you have Allworx business telephones? Are the labels old and need replacing? Shop our stock of Allworx desi & plastic overlays.

Have you recently reprogrammed the buttons on your phones? You may need to relabel them to match their current functions. Choose from our selection of Allworx desi & plastic overlays. Do you have multiple phones, or would you like to be prepared for future replacements? Feel free to order a few just in case.

You may sort our stock by price or availability. If you can't find the appropriate Allworx desi & plastic overlays for your phone, please contact us. Our friendly staff will be happy to help you locate the item.