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Are Cloud Service & LTE The Future Of Telecom?

It seems there is high demand for speedy, wireless solutions. As our tastes and technology advance, companies must adapt their products and services to our wants and needs. This year, long term evolution (LTE) and virtualized or cloud-based devices may reign supreme. When offered together, cloud services and LTE complement each other beautifully to create […]

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Looking Back At The Big Changes In The Telecom Industry In 2014

As we embark on a new year, we take a look back at the big moments of 2014. These big moves, of course, play a role in what 2015 holds for us in terms of unified communications and the big contenders of the field. From Lync to Skype for Business Aside from its name change, […]

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Phonio Connects Celebrities With Fans In A More Genuine Way

Don’t think phone calls are cool anymore? What if your favorite celebrity was just a phone call away? Let Phonio unleash your inner fanboy/fangirl. Phonio is bringing back the value of a phone call. Launched last month, Phonio allows for exclusive audio content from influencers via a mobile phone call. As a society that craves […]

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What are the advantages of Mobile Payments?

We live in a world obsessed with technology and convenience. Our smart phones are the epitome of this. Since we do nearly everything with our smart phones, turning them into mobile wallets seems fitting. Chick-fil-A is the latest business to jump on board mobile payments, offering customers the option to pay for meals through a […]

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Smart Voice Services

It is likely that you’ve been notified that your call may be recorded at least once in your life. But what really happens with those recordings? How long are they stored and are they really used for review? As our means of communications continues to transform, a light is shed on Smart Voice services. Conversations […]

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Microsoft-Nokia Merger

Two large names in the industry have now become one – Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia is complete. On April 25, 2014 the Microsoft-Nokia deal was closed. Nokia is now a subsidiary of Microsoft known as Microsoft Mobile. But what will this merger mean for the phone industry? A deal that was proposed in September 2013 […]

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