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Nortel Networks Phone Manual: Call Forwarding On The Nortel M3904 Phone

The Nortel M3904 phone is an ideal addition to any office phone system. Boasting a smart design including six Programmable Line (DN)/Feature Keys (self-labeled) with two features/lines configured on each key, this quality business phone offers convenience and simplicity for your employees. Call Forward One of its helpful features is Call Forward. This allows you […]

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VoIP For Small Business

Thanks to our smartphones, devices, laptops, and computers, access to the Internet is never too far away. Despite the convenience of these advanced technologies, some small businesses are slow to adopt new trends. More often than not, upgrades are assumed be too costly or unnecessary. This thinking can lead to small businesses missing out on […]

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Nortel Phone Manual: How To Find Your Extension Number On Your Nortel T7316 Phone

  Your extension number identifies your telephone within your business phone system. Coworkers can dial your extension number to reach you directly, and it can be useful for potential customers to get in contact with you. If you are unsure of your extension number, there is an easy way to check it on the Nortel […]

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Nortel Phone Manual: How To Use The Do Not Disturb Function On The Nortel T7316 Phone

  When you find yourself busy on another call, in a meeting, or away from your desk, the Do Not Disturb feature on your Nortel T7316 phone can be helpful. Do Not Disturb prevents calls from ringing at your telephone. Learn how to use this function on your Nortel phone by following these simple steps. […]

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Nortel Networks Phone Manual: How to Reset Voicemail Passwords on the Nortel T7316 Phone

  It is common knowledge that default usernames and passwords, for whatever device, should be changed as soon as possible to prevent any unauthorized access. Your business phone systems are no exception. You may even want to change or reset your passwords on a regular basis. We can show you how to reset your voicemail […]

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Nortel M7310 Display Phone’s Useful Features

The Nortel M7310 business phone offers valuable features for small and large businesses alike. Boasting a great mix of style and functionality, the Nortel M7310 business phone could be a smart addition to your office. Does your business rely heavily on telecommunications, often with the same customers or businesses? The Nortel M7310 phone has 10 […]

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Nortel T-Series Phones Provide Quality and Clarity

Technological advancements has allowed society to communicate with one another in an instant. Whether it be through text or speech, we are given the ability to express our thoughts and visions. Nortel T series provides us with a microphone and speaker that allows a voice communication medium to convey directions and useful information with the […]

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Nortel CallPilot Voicemail Tutorial Video

It’s been a quite a while since we’ve released a new training video, but we feel this one was worth the wait. This training video illustrates how to use your voicemail that’s provided by the Nortel Networks CallPilot. You’ll learn how to transfer calls to voicemail as well as how to check your mailbox when […]

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Web Site Upgrades!

It is our goal at to provide our customers with the best possible experience when dealing with us. Therefore, we are constantly trying to come up with ways to improve so that we may be more efficient and Customer friendly.  Recently, we have made a few changes to our website. Customers are now able […]

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