Security Tips

Safeguard Against Cyber Attacks

By now, most businesses understand that there is great risk when it comes to cyber security. A few big names have fallen victim to cyber attacks, which should serve as a warning to others. Luckily, remaining vigilant and aware of potential threats can give you an upper hand. Find out more about how you can […]

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VoIP Phone Systems For Business Security

Whether your business requires sensitive information to be shared over the phone or not, your customers should be able to trust that phone conversations and their information are safe and secure. Things like contacts and credit card information from your customers should be kept away from those not authorized to obtain such information. VoIP phone […]

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Security Tips for SIP Trunking

For businesses looking for a cost-effective upgrade, SIP trunking is a coveted option. SIP trunking allows connections between your telephony applications and your PBX systems for VoIP and Unified Communications services. Less hardware is necessary, thus cutting down on costs and providing easier management of your business phone systems. However, with new technologies comes hesitance. […]

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Keep Your Personal Data Safe

Wallet, keys, mobile device. Our devices have become an essential part of our lives. Much more than a means to call and communicate with people, our devices have become like our second brains. We store important information and have access to nearly every aspect of our lives at our fingertips. Contacts, business emails, banking, even […]

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