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The Basics About Modems

When you think about your home or business network, do you really know what each device does and how they work? If you ever wondered about your modem, we have your answers here. What Is A Modem? Modem stands for “modulator-demodulator” which basically describes what it does. The modem acts as the connecting point between […]

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How To Choose The Right Home Router For You

The role of routers in the home has evolved over time. Once used to simply connect home computers, routers now take on more responsibilities. From watching videos on our devices to enabling VoIP calls from our smartphones, choosing the right router will help your network run smoothly. Type Choosing between a wired or wireless router […]


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WiFi Versus Cellular Networks – Which Will Prevail?

Our mobile phones went from being used as an actual telephone to make calls to a multi-functional smart phone. With this evolution came new demands for service providers. Long gone are the days of worrying about exceeding our minute or text allowance, replaced now with data plans and overage charges. As phones are being used […]

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