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Polycom VVX 400-410 Phone: Navigating Conference Calls

Aside from their sleek design and reliability, the Polycom VVX 400 and 410 phones offer useful features and functions for businesses small and large. Among these excellent features is conference calling, which allows users to connect with multiple parties on the same call. To learn how to use this function on your Polycom phone, follow […]

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How The Polycom SoundStation Changed Conferencing

The introduction of the Polycom SoundStation conference phone had a significant impact on the telecom industry. These days, thanks to numerous advances in technology, we have a bevy of collaborations tools at our fingertips, making communication more convenient. However, not too long ago, this type of collaboration was limited to old-fashioned telephony. It wasn’t until […]

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Conference Phone Features

Choosing a phone system is a task that should not be taken lightly. You want to choose business phones that suit your company and help to improve employee efficiency. For conference phones specifically, you want to think about the size of your conference room and the types of conferences you will be hosting. Here are […]

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Cloud Vs. On-Premise VoIP

While the benefits of a VoIP phone system for your business may be obvious (cost-efficiency, improved customer and employee experience), much consideration must go into employing the ideal system to suit your needs. One of the main decisions is whether to employ a premises-based solution or a cloud-hosted system. When it comes to this decision, […]

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Conduct The Best Virtual Meeting

There are a variety of factors that can make or break a virtual meeting. Even with the best intentions, things like technical difficulties, poor planning, and disorganization can ruin your virtual conference, causing more harm than good for your company. Thankfully, proper planning and execution can prevent this from happening. Successful virtual meetings deliver great […]

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The Best Conference Phones For You

Including a conference room within your business office can be a valuable asset. To prospective and existing clients, your conference room can make a lasting impression. Whether they see it in person or through a video conference, you want to make sure your conference room is presentable and equipped with the best conferencing solutions. Aside […]

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How Important Is Audio Quality In Conferencing?

In most business offices, conference calls are quite common. They allow you to easily collaborate with remote employees or business partners, as well as save money on traveling costs. The best conferencing equipment provides users with great features and quality to facilitate effective communication. An important aspect that is often undervalued is the audio quality […]

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Polycom Soundstation 2 Phones – Quality Conference Phones

With decades of experience and innovation under their belt, Polycom has proved to be an excellent telecom brand. Started in 1990 with the determination to transform the speakerphone into a valuable business tool, Polycom now provides video and voice solutions for countless businesses. The popular Polycom Soundstation 2 line is comprised of analog conference phones […]

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Why Video Conferencing Is Right For Your Business

Have you adopted a video conferencing phone system for your business? Those that have know how easy, convenient, and valuable this technology can be for the workplace. For those of you that haven’t, video conferencing systems can boost the overall performance for your business. Is the cost of upgrading or adding equipment to your existing […]

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Choosing The Best Conference Phone

For businesses that need to interact with partners around the globe, conference calls can be vital for day to day operations. A reliable conference phone can bestow a myriad of benefits for a company. Conference phones can save time and money. Instead of travelling to meet in one place, meetings can be conducted from the […]

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