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Evolved, Effective Communication Skills

Possessing excellent communication skills is a must, especially if you are in a leadership position. The ability to listen carefully, understand body language, and clearly communicate, both verbally and written, are priceless skills that will help your personal and professional success immensely. With the emergence of new media channels, social conversation, and engagement, however, leaders […]

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What Is Blockchain?

You may not be familiar with blockchain unless you are familiar with bitcoin, the new cryptocurrency largely dictated by its extensive network rather than a single entity. This new technology is the main process behind bitcoin, allowing users to record, track, and verify transactions between one another. So what is blockchain and how does it […]

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Open Source PBX

For those of you considering, or already transitioning to VoIP systems, you have likely heard about Open Source PBX. Find out what an Open Source PBX system is and how it may benefit you. What Is PBX? For a quick overview, PBX is short for Private Branch Exchange, and is a private telephone switchboard within […]

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How To Improve Your VoIP Strategy

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) allows users to make calls via the internet. Initially, to get the system to work, service providers and their call control partners worked together to stabilize the technology. Over the years, as VoIP continued to improved, a growth in VoIP business ensued. Lately, most providers have adopted Session Initiation Protocol […]

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Conduct The Best Virtual Meeting

There are a variety of factors that can make or break a virtual meeting. Even with the best intentions, things like technical difficulties, poor planning, and disorganization can ruin your virtual conference, causing more harm than good for your company. Thankfully, proper planning and execution can prevent this from happening. Successful virtual meetings deliver great […]

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Livestreaming For Businesses

For those of you unfamiliar with livestreaming, it is the process of broadcasting in real time over the internet (think live television, but online). In terms of social media, it started with Meerkat and Periscope, followed by Facebook Live and Instagram Live Stories, all of which are similar yet offer unique features. Not limited to […]

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How Technology Changed Our Workspace

As discussed last week, our workspaces have gone through various transformations over time. In the beginning, we needed large spaces to house our hefty equipment. Thanks to advanced technology, we have the opportunity to downsize our workspaces and even take our work on the go. Smaller Workstations Today, our workspaces average about 6 feet by […]

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Workplace Evolution

Think about your business office, whether in an actual building, at home, or another remote location. How has it changed over the years? How would it compare to an office from decades before? The way we conceptualize and execute our workspaces has changed quite drastically over the years. Aside from functionality and comfort, advancements in […]

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Motivate Workers With Effective Communication

An important part of business success is the hard work put forth by each and every employee. Because of this, it is important for businesses to keep their employees motivated, happy, and engaged. A lack of motivation and unhappiness can negatively affect employee performance, which can result in decreased productivity, a costly downside for businesses. […]

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How Millennials Are Changing The Way We Communicate

The number of millennials in the workforce is rising and they are changing the way we communicate in a big way. Millennials are the largest and most diverse generation yet, with over 92 million people, comprised of those born from 1980-2000. While most of us remember landlines and playing outside, millennials grew up surfing the […]

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