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August, 2015

How To Program Speed Dials On The Nortel T7208 Phone

  Does your office use Nortel T7208 phones? Do you know how to program speed dial, or auto dial buttons, on your Nortel phones? These speed dial buttons will allow you to dial specific phone numbers with just a touch of a button. Follow these steps to learn how to program internal, external, and personal […]

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Are You Considering Switching To VoIP?

Transitioning to a VoIP phone system is not as bad as it may seem. With proper research and informed decisions, you could end up with your ideal VoIP system. You will want to consider these things before you make any decisions. VoIP Features For a smooth transition, VoIP phones usually maintain the familiar look and […]

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How To Park And Retrieve Calls On The Nortel M7208 Phone

  The Nortel M7208 phone is great for environments with shared telephones, such as retail departments, repair centers, or call centers. In these settings, employees may need answer calls and redirect them as needed. For the Nortel M7208 phone, you may park and retrieve calls as needed. What do we mean by “parking” a call? […]

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The Growth Of Cloud Based Systems

In a nutshell, a cloud based phone system is a phone service that is delivered through the Internet. The draw of these systems is a more affordable and less complicated phone system. With the services hosted within the cloud, there is no need for hardware installed on site. You ultimately save money, time, space, and […]

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How To Change The Time On The Nortel M7310 Phone

  The Nortel M7310 phone offers excellent features and is a popular choice for different office environments. You may know how to execute different calling functions and features, but do you know how to change the time on your Nortel M7310 phone? Don’t worry – we will go over to simple steps. There are actually […]

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Telephone Systems: Which Is Right For You?

Good communication is a large part of business and success. A solid telephone system is important for a business to reach customers as well as communicate and collaborate together. With different types of business phone systems on the market, you may not know which one to choose. Before you invest in a telephone system for […]

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How To Adjust The Volume On The Aastra M8009 Phone

    Do you own an Aastra M8009 phone? Want to learn how to adjust the volume controls? Let us take you through the steps to adjust the receiver and ringer volume on your Aastra M8009 phone. Locate the volume bar just below the dial pad on your phone. If the caller’s voice is too […]

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Can Cloud Telephony Help Your Small Business?

As a small business owner, with proper leverage of technology, you can get ahead of the game. Of the many technologies that are available, cloud telephony is often approached with hesitation. However, biting the bullet will reveal that cloud telephony can offer a multitude of benefits. But what is cloud telephony, exactly? When you implement […]

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