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June, 2015

Why Do We Celebrate The Fourth Of July With Fireworks?

Since as far back as you can remember, Independence Day celebrations and fireworks were usually synonymous. While fireworks are a fun, festive, and stunning tradition, do you know how it originated? We can thank our Founding Fathers for this one. It started in a letter from John Adams to his wife in which he stated […]

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How To Set Up Automated Phone Systems

Thinking about employing an automated phone system for your office? It’s not a bad idea. Automated phone systems can be a great help by allowing customers easy access to self-service and helping your employees focus on the task at hand rather than bothering with answering and redirecting calls. There are different types of automated phone […]

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VoIP Phone Systems Offer Valuable Features

VoIP phone systems are quite popular these days and many businesses are deciding to make the switch. Consolidate your payments, gain access to convenient operations, hosted options – what’s not to love? Those who haven’t switched over yet may be hesitant because they are unsure of how this can help their business. If that’s you, […]

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How To Make A Paging Announcement On The Comdial Impact 8012S Phone

  Not sure how to make a paging announcement on your Comdial Impact 8012S phone? Watch our tutorial video that will guide you through the simple steps. First of all, you should know that there are two types of page features available on the Comdial Impact 8012S phone.  The first is the all-call paging feature, […]

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How Unified Communications Can Help Your Business

Unified communications (UC) offers a way to bring all your various modes of communication together, making it easier for you to connect with people. There are many ways that these UC services are offered, whether hosted in the cloud, managed on site, or a mix of both with managed service providers. Managed service providers (MSPs) […]

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The Future Of Communications

It’s hard to predict what the future will hold. In terms of technology, business, and communication, we’ve seen quite an evolution. From private branch exchange (PBX) systems to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems and cloud services, our communication systems seem to be growing more convenient, accessible, and connected. So what’s next for our business […]

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