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August, 2014

Ignore No More – The Ideal Parent App

Parents, can you relate? Your children are out with friends and when you call to check in on them, your calls and texts are repeatedly ignored. Once you get a hold of them, they give you the same old excuses, saying there was no signal, their battery died, their phone was on silent, etc. Thankfully, […]

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Tips For A Successful Video Conference Call

Video has made a big impact on our means of communication these days. With Skype, FaceTime, webcams and various apps that allow us to send videos, video phones have become our reality. Aside from social interaction, it has also infiltrated our business communication. More and more, companies are collaborating via video conference with partners across […]

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Phone System Maintenance Tips To Reduce Costs

It’s never fun when your business phone system starts acting up. Upgrading your phone system or replacing broken equipment can be costly, on top of what you paid for the system initially. Some of the issues or problems you come across can be prevented with simple routine maintenance. In an effort to extend your phone […]

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Is A Longer Cell Phone Battery Life In Our Near Future?

We all love our smart phones, but do we love their battery life? When you get a new phone, you spend countless hours trying out its new features and all the fun things you can do with it. In the beginning, the battery life is great – you can go a full day or so […]

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