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June, 2014

Starbucks Wireless Phone-Charging Stations

Starbucks has implemented numerous ways to draw us in, with their coffee, free Wi-Fi, member perks and mobile payments. Their newest endeavor offers what some consider an ultimate convenience. Starbucks has recently announced they will soon be offering wireless charging stations for mobile phones in their stores. It’s likely we’ve all experienced this at least […]


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Text-to-911: What You Need To Know

It is no surprise that these days, a majority of us rely on our mobile phones.  When emergencies occur, our mobile phones are widely used to call for help. As previously discussed, emergency call centers are on the road to  upgrading their systems.  Major wireless carriers are now allowing text-to-911 mobile services. There are important […]

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Voice vs. Text – Which Method Of Communication Will Prevail?

Do you find voicemail to be helpful or a nuisance? Depending on your age, your answer may vary. The younger generation’s obsession with smart phones relies heavily on text-based communications, almost completely moving away from voice communication. So with that in mind, should voice-to-text or voicemail transcription become a key component to unified communications systems? […]

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Transitioning From POTS to VoIP Phone Systems

It’s no surprise that slowly, but surely, landlines are being phased out. How many of you still use a landline at your home or business? With the introduction of VoIP phone systems, plain old telephone service (POTS) is diminishing, but will it ever go away completely? If major phone companies have any say, then the […]

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