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April, 2014

Business Communication Is Shifting Towards BYOD

Many companies are moving towards a BYOD (bring your own device) system so that employees can work in office or remotely. While this provides flexibility with employee schedules, better productivity and accessibility, it can have a harmful affect on individuals. It’s hard enough for people to disconnect from their personal cell phones, so what happens […]

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April Is Distracted Driving Awareness Month

April is Distracted Driving Awareness month – aimed to deter drivers from texting, using a handheld cell phone, or doing anything else distracting while driving. The consequences of these decisions can be fatal. There are numerous commercials and campaigns that convey the reality of what can happen, but there are people who still take the […]

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Blue Light Emergency Phones

Our ways of communicating seem to be ever changing. Over the years, we’ve seen the basic phone change and evolve with the times. From landlines to business phones to pagers to cell phones, ways of communicating have become creative and convenient. However, amidst all this, at least one thing has remained an important staple, especially […]

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Video Phones In The Workplace

Our forms of communication have become increasingly detached as our technology progresses. From smart phones to texting, the value of a face to face conversation has diminished over time. For the Paul Hastings law firm, an attempt to bring back meaningful conversations is in the works. This law firm is implementing a video phone telecommunication […]

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Could 911 Emergency Centers Switch From An Analog System To An IP System?

As a society focused on convenience and technology, there must be a way to incorporate that within our emergency services. This is precisely why text-to-911 is a new alternative for emergencies. Since most 911 calls come from wireless phones anyways, a texting option is like common sense. Some call centers are already able to receive […]

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