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October, 2012

Startechtel – Providing Refurbished Phones

These days, businesses across the world are facing rough obstacles in one way or another. Many businesses are looking to cut costs in one or more areas of their overall budget. Taking this into consideration, if you are one of these businesses looking to cut costs, it is a great idea to buy refurbished phones […]

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Vodavi and Nortel phone systems and phone parts are in great demand

With the increase in demand for newer models of telephone systems, there are several telephone manufacturers all across the world. Some of the more popular manufacturers for telephones systems include Vodavi, Samsung, Nortel, NEC, Panasonic and Toshiba. Among those manufacturers Vodavi phone systems are favored due to the variety they offer to customers. Some of […]

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Startechtel carries excellent Inter-Tel telephone systems

For businesses, whether large or small, it is imperative to invest in a good telephone system which allows clear communication with clients as well as within the organization. Inter Tel is one of the leading telephone manufacturers and their phones certainly will satisfy your business communications requirement. No matter what type of Inter Tel telephone […]

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Make Business Calls A Pleasure with Startechtel’s Business Phones and Headsets

Communication forms the backbone of all kinds of businesses and it is virtually impossible to run a business smoothly without having a state of the art business phone. Business phones can be found in small businesses in which the entire phone system consists of two or three phones as well as in large businesses where […]

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NEC Phone Parts & Music on Hold Devices

Communication forms a vital part of our lives today. Telephones have become indispensable and have gone through various evolutions. Having been invented in 1876 by Alexander Graham Bell, the telephone has seen radical evolution. From being desk bound to cordless to now mobile phones, the telephone has gone through many changes. The evolution of the […]

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